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Elastic better in the end, to provide the feeling of barefoot like. Nike Free 3.0,4.0, 5.0 and 7.0 are designed to bring the ultimate flexible natural wearing experience.  Free Run.

NIKE FREE barefoot running shoes are the two most popular series of Nike running shoes Nike fans loved one. Series General forefoot Waffle waffle with external shading road design, with a lot of friction protruding block, has extremely suitable for running the grip, and disperse impact, make running more comfortable. BRS1000 carbon fiber heel with rubber, more wear-resistant, good grip, but the intense friction will leave a black mark on the ground. If you press the Nike running shoes flexibility ratings, 0.0 to barefoot running, 10.0 as ordinary running shoes. Nike running shoes introduced a FREE 3.0, FREE 5.0, FREE 7.0, FREE EVERYDAY, FREE RUN + other FREE style.
NIKE FREE series is the world's leading sports goods manufacturer Nike Group, a specific series. By product type, should be classified in Nike's footwear production lines running shoes series models. Movement from the movement in terms of technology areas, NIKE FREE series of movements based on "running barefoot" concept based play nike free running technique. In accordance with its simulated "natural feet" free run into the extent of detailed nike free 3.0, nike free 5.0 and nike free 7.0 and other styles.
NIKE FREE series 3.0,5.0,7.0 shoes such numbers are not the numbers, but rather a factor, the scientific name is called "barefoot factor." The smaller the closer the coefficient barefoot, the greater the closer the coefficient of running shoes.
NIKE FREE series of running shoes, Nike sport in 2005, when introduced to the market, FREE running shoes main feature is to simulate barefoot feeling when your feet, you can let your feet activities, bending and seize the ground, like barefoot running the same. Therefore FREE soft shoes suitable for everyone. Nike Free shoes are designed from the shoe began. Traditional shoe with a pointed flat model is. Nike Free shoes used closer to barefoot shoe last shape. Wrapped shoe ways and use of materials and are made throughout the design closer to barefoot feeling. Ie, flexible soles and uppers supportive must reach harmony, flexible soles and uppers of support degree level must be consistent. Otherwise the degree of simulation running barefoot greatly reduced.
Uses: suitable for training sprinters.
Advantages: imitating barefoot movement, helps to exercise the calf muscles.
Disadvantages: Because the sole is too soft, almost no shock, no longer suitable for everyday wear.
Usage: suitable for medium sprinter training purposes.
Advantages: light weight, foot feeling good; able to strengthen leg strength, correct running posture.
Cons: heel cushioning weaker foot shoes face limited protection; unconventional class running shoes, training methods used need to pay attention.
Uses: suitable for long-distance runners training purposes.
Advantages: lightweight, flexible, good package.
Disadvantages: the case of prolonged exercise less wear.
Uppers with dual elastic plate design with breathable mesh fabric, compressed EVA midsole with forefoot reinforcement and Free sipes. Use BRS1000 rubber outsole to enhance its durability, FREE 3.0 is an enhanced foot and leg strength for the highly sensitive training shoes. Has been designed and the other running shoes vary wildly, with a layer of fabric link sole, also very small.
Mixed fabric uppers and snug fit in the upper house to provide good supportive synthetic patch to make shoes more durable. Midsole outsole wear resistance can be achieved twice, significantly reduce the overall weight of shoes. Forefoot wider grooves designed to enhance the driving force to toe, while improving muscle strength and exercise more perfect barefoot feeling. Sole external snubber pad wear increases BRS 1000 carbon rubber, making the region more durable wear. Major force in the region part of the design of the hard rubber, shoes increased grip and abrasion resistance.
Uppers with breathable material and synthetic leather surface of the light, the forefoot straps provide enhanced support. Phylon midsole with material from the lateral and longitudinal bending of the cutting grooves to provide improved flexibility. Phylon outsole with rubber padding to provide linear and lateral movement of the traction. FREE 7.0 With the expansion in the bottom side of the midsole and round the waist, this section swerved athletes training shoes can improve the ability of the direction and allows athletes move quickly in all directions. Such freedom of assembly and flexibility designed to meet the requirements of natural movement.
FREE EVERYDAY + is nike free basis in a more suitable for long-distance running out and the usual wear shoes. Uppers with breathable mesh uppers with synthetic material to provide maximum coverage supportive. Seamless toe part of the structure to reduce irritation. Built-in trays and foam sink heel pad to provide maximum comfort, with Phylite midsole provides flexible cushioning, heel Zoom Air cushioning to provide a good starting point, to get inspiration from Free to provide more natural structure of the feet feel, with outer soles or use durable BRS 1000 rubber.
Has excellent cushioning, improved fit and barefoot-like nature of the sport experience. Than Nike Free 5.0 have better flexibility, stronger than Nike Free 3.0 support force, can provide good shock effects, and more consistent foot barefoot-like comfort and natural movement, Nike Free series of get a Nike + technology blessing of running shoes.