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  • Canvas shoes with a good look to make you quickly become a small fashion people

    ?Canvas shoes with a skirt look good?Canvas shoes is the most popular spring and summer fashion one of the single product, and canvas shoes is a wild shoes, like to wear canvas shoes you have thought and the skirt with it?Can the canvas shoes with a good look?White canvas shoes with a skirt look good?White canvas shoes with white lace dresses, white dress and white canvas shoes with the method, giving a fresh and natural charm. Canvas shoes with what kind of skirt look good?First of all to recommend tight cowboy tight dress to match the pink canvas shoes, Slim design, the nike clearance store small woman's curve to highlight it. And in the pink and high canvas shoes with, but also to bring out the pure and lovely little woman temperament.

    Full of sea breeze taste of the blue vest skirt, you can freely with a pair of Converse white canvas shoes, stroll on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, with an elegant feeling, without additional modification, so that you in the early summer sun, enjoy Breathing, the United States is so natural to show up, blue vest dress and white canvas shoes with the absolute eye-catching, people have no parry of power. Pink pasta dress can be missed?Simple casual and lovely, with the same matte canvas shoes, so you look more sweet card wow Iraq Oh. Hidden inside the increase is more careful to let you go high Oh! This set of pink dress with pink canvas shoes, is not very beautiful?

    Like canvas shoes, how do you look with the skirt?Finally, we recommend a skirt and canvas shoes with a pair of black half of the lotus leaf skirt, Slim design, hem slightly spilled, pink chiffon shirt, with the like canvas shoes, fashion OL wind Match, perfect to bring out your out of the ordinary.

    2017-03-25 13:37:35
  • How to match with the shoes with exactly what the four skills

    Shoes with the skills of the first point: choose a good color

    The color of the shoes determines whether it is appropriate and a dress, shoes, the color is unique, but also with the overall style nike outlet of clothing match. General and clothing similar or the same color is the most harmonious, but this is only for wearing a single tone clothing. If you wear more clothing, it is best to choose black shoes. Black in the visual feel calm, and can be coordinated with a variety of color clothing, is the eternal fashion color. If you want a slight change in the color of the shoes, you can then prepare gray and white shoes, gray and white soft, easy with a variety of colors of clothing integration.

    In the current fashion color, the soft color is slowly turning into a bright, shoes and apparel color combination gradually diversified, there are white and ivory combinations, red pink and white combination, bean sand color and silver-gray combination series. Stone blue cowboy sets and white casual shoes with, simple and reveal the vitality. Red beans sand color silk shirt and dark blue skirt with, then slightly deep and stable, and with dark brown or black shallow mouth without high heels, is just right to show generous temperament.

    Spring and summer is amber, ginseng color and transparent gray series dominate the season. Black and white can still show style, black jacket, white shirt and white shallow to help high heels combination, look graceful, elegant solemn. Winter should be dark tone. Racing performance and mature; both with long skirts and pants can match, prepare a pair of brown or khaki horse boots, that is easy to match the clothing, and not out of date.

    Shoes with the skills of the second point: the overall unity

    Color on the tune, but also must pay attention to the texture of harmony. Thick and hard and very thin and thin through the contrast in the integration, in the unity of each other, is the embodiment of art. For example: Ma yarn plant fruit loaded with natural and casual, with casual shoes with a better; woolen suit performance of women's solemn and gentle, and high-heeled shoes with silk dress and marbled sandals with romantic love wonderful words. Shoes with the skills is not just color, texture on the harmonization, as well as the combination of style. For example: tight pants and high combination of sports shoes to match the style; thin dress and high-heeled boots combination, the performance of the women's free and easy and beautiful; Ping Ping Ting Ting's cheongsam and curl Nana's high heels combination, display The elegance of the rhyme; bell pants type and only high and high heel combination to highlight the slender shape; short denim skirt and casual shoes combination is full of vitality.

    Shoes with the skills of the third point: shoes and body with

    A lot of tall women do not want to use high heels to make up for their height. In fact, the height of one meter six or less to choose the exquisite small high heels, in order to show off the beautiful body. If the petite but wearing four inches of high heels, that ratio will lose balance, it is funny. The higher the person the more suitable for wearing high heels, because the height of the heel and the length of the foot is proportional. There are petite women are not suitable for wearing knee boots, it will not appear even smaller. And fat women can not wear high, thin, sharp heel, very dissonant; fat female sex selection boots, chunky look clumsy, high fat wearing like Wu Fu, no feminine gentle feeling.

    Shoes with the skills of the fourth point: the impact of shoes on health

    No heels will cause foot ligament and muscle strain, but also associated with damage to the brain nerve, causing headaches and back pain, is the enemy of women. While the high heels can make women chest abdomen, calf stretched, but let the body weight concentrated in the toes, long-term will cause foot deformity, and let the leg ligaments and muscles in a tight state of contraction, easy to cause knee stiffness. Therefore, the best women wear high-heeled low-heeled wear, wear less heels with four centimeters above the high heels, in order to make beautiful and healthy with.

    2017-03-25 13:32:37
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